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Kindergarten is a time of investigation through experience and sensory motor activities and is the springboard for a child’s love of learning.  The day follows a structured schedule that provides the children with a sense of security and planning.  The curriculum strives to balance direct instruction with learning through play and experience. The classroom is a nurturing environment where the young students feel comfortable, respected and safe.
Religion begins with a daily reading of the Bible and includes weekly mass.  The objective is to develop a beginning understanding of scripture, Christian morality, prayer and spirituality, and community and service.

Mathematics encompasses beginning concepts of numbers: including counting, sharing, sorting and classifying, patterns, graphing, comparing, problem solving, time, money, place value and mathematical operations.

Language Arts is designed to engage the students in meaningful literacy activities through a language-rich program that includes:  listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  Activities may involve sound symbol relationships, phonetic awareness, literature appreciation, sight word recognition, listening and visual skills and handwriting.

Writing is developed by weekly journal entries, writing activities in each subject and the Writing to Read program which explores writing using the computer lab.

Science is explored through experiments and hands-on experiments while incorporating a variety of books and films.  The scientific method is introduced and predicting outcomes is stressed.  Topics of study include: colors and shapes, senses, size, quantity, positions, symmetry, changes, weather, seasons, the human body, health habits, organisms, matter, water, air, land, plants and animals, prehistoric animals, and the solar system.

The Social Studies program fosters an opportunity to learn about each other, our local community, our country, the similarities and differences of the people of the world, how families work and live in the world, and how the people of the world celebrate holidays.

Within the Music program, the children participate in musical productions throughout the school year. The program focuses on developing an appreciation for music from all generations and cultures. Music theory is also part of the program. Religious hymns are learned and sung at mass and special liturgies.

The Art program stresses the ability of the students to recognize various techniques and artistic mediums.

The Technology program begins in kindergarten with basic skills and terminology. Kindergarten students are introduced to Microsoft Word 2004, Type to Learn, Writing to Read, Kid Pix Deluxe, Social and Ethical Issues and Apple iLife.

Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer, and Spanish are special subjects which are incorporated across all subject matter within the classroom.  These subjects receive concentrated focus when taught by specialists.

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