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About Us
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Diocese of Bridgeport
At St. Aloysius, we provide learning for life.

St. Aloysius School offers a traditional curriculum in each of the core subjects as well as religion. Our disciplined approach to instruction has resulted in St. Aloysius students consistently achieving above-grade-level scores on standardized tests. Our eighth grade graduates attend outstanding private schools.

As a Catholic school, prayer is an integral part of daily life. In addition, we show our students how to live their faith, beginning with small acts of kindness as well as participating in significant community service projects. Our focus on spiritual development helps students to develop the right moral compass to guide their decisions, big and small.

Our school community also sets St. Aloysius apart. Parents, teachers and staff all share in a common set of values and a steadfast commitment to the school. With a veritable army of parent volunteers, we enjoy tremendous community spirit with students and families supporting each other across grade levels.  We encourage you to visit St. Aloysius School to learn more about the tremendous opportunities we have to offer.

St. Aloysius School is located in the heart of New Canaan, adjacent to the St. Aloysius Church. The school is coeducational for kindergarten through grade 8. It draws its student population from fifteen zip codes. St. Aloysius School is a unique balance of faith, academic excellence, and service to the community. Students receive a broad-based and challenging education in which their curriculum and daily life at St. Aloysius is intertwined with faith and character. The school goes beyond the established national educational standards by integrating disciplines and incorporating Smart Board technology and Apple Creativity apps into the students’ classrooms. St. A holds the Blue Ribbon award for its students’ accomplishments in reading and mathematics.  In addition, 37% of eligible students have qualified for the Johns Hopkins Gifted and Talented Programs.

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