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Curriculum Mapping
Diocese of Bridgeport
Curriculum mapping is an effective unit planning tool utilized by teachers to improve PreK-12 student academic performance.  Core maps are first written by Diocesan teachers to clearly
articulate each grade level’s content, requisite student skills, and the types of assessment to evaluate what all students should know, understand and/or be able to do. Sub unit diary maps are created by individual teachers to list the details of lesson plans in terms of Big Ideas, Essential Questions, Lesson Targets, Instructional Strategies, Formative and Summative Assessments.
Teachers and administrators receive ongoing professional development in Data
Driven Decision Making to continuously evaluate the implementation of the
mapping process. Catholic Schools in Fairfield County have achieved national
recognition - including an invitation to the White House and to school
districts around the country - to share the mapping process that guides our
curriculum and instruction. Overall, the curriculum maps demonstrate how our
Catholic schools exceed the quality of the state standards. Diocesan teams of
administrators and teachers have created an exceptional approach to develop
academics in a faith based environment, which nurtures each student’s unique
learning potential.

Please click here for the Diocese of Bridgeport Website to view our Curriculum Maps for all grades and
how they directly compare with Connecticut State Standards.
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